Karen Teller_Lineage_Project

Board Member since 2015
Personal Mindfulness Practice: Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Karen Teller is a proud mother and yoga teacher based in Westchester, NY. Before her work in yoga, she was a business analyst at Banker’s Trust, and an independent consultant and project manager for Prudential Insurance. She began practicing yoga in 2001, and decided to pursue a career as a certified vinyasa yoga teacher in 2005. Karen is a graduate of The University of Albany, and Fordham Business School.  

When her two children were small, Karen discovered that yoga practice supported her energy, patience, and equanimity amid the daily stresses of parenting. She is acutely aware that the tools of yoga and mindfulness are often out of reach for those most in need. Karen loves how Lineage Project brings these tools directly to vulnerable youth wherever they are, including inside detention centers, homeless shelters, and schools. Her passion for these practices, combined with her enthusiasm and willingness to chip in on tasks large and small, characterize her board service.