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Board Member since 2012
Personal Mindfulness Practice: Yoga

Sascha Lewis is the CEO and co-founder of Flavorpill Media, an online publisher and experiential branding company. He was included in Silicon Alley’s Top 100 list by Business Insider. When he is not running Flavorpill Media, Sascha can be found on the dance floor or in the yoga studio. An exuberant student and supporter of yoga, some of his favorite projects include organizing a yoga class for more than 10,000 people on the Great Lawn in Central Park, and hosting yoga classes at world-class museums across the country. Sascha is a graduate of Union College, and a former Knicks ball boy. 

Sascha believes that practices like yoga and meditation are fundamental to developing a strong social fabric. He knows that making these practices widely accessible across society is no pipe dream, and is inspired by how Lineage Project walks the walk, and brings these practices directly where they are most needed. Sascha brings boundless creativity, marketing experience, and vast social and professional networks to the Lineage Project board.