Shara is a licensed social worker who has been working on the front lines of mental health, arts education, and child protective services for the past ten years. Shara directs Lineage’s groundbreaking arts and mindfulness after-school program inside Horizon Juvenile Center (secure detention), partnering with government agencies and community-based providers. She is inspired to work with an organization that strives to push the boundaries in human services by creating spaces that encourage heart-first, embodied, and consciousness-raising interconnection.   

Shara previously served as a social worker at a transfer high school in Brownsville, Brooklyn, where she provided individual and group counseling to students, offered teachers resources to create inclusive classrooms, and worked to uplift the school’s practice of restorative justice. She received her Masters in Social Work from Hunter College, and is a certified yoga teacher through Abhyasa Yoga. Shara also holds a B.F.A. in dance from Temple University, and applies a body-based, trauma-informed, and creative lens to her work with youth and families.