Lineage Project delivers programs to youth and staff at every point in the justice system. We work inside secure detention facilities, non-secure detention and placement sites, alternative-to-incarceration programs, and with youth on probation. We also create and manage a comprehensive arts and mindfulness after-school program at Horizon Juvenile Center (secure detention). 

Research published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology shows that our program at an alternative-to-incarceration site helped justice-involved young men manage their anger, reduce reactivity, and cope with high levels of stress and anxiety—potentially reducing the likelihood of justice system re-involvement. Read the full article here

"Teaching kids about mindfulness and breathing techniques has helped them regulate their emotions. Oftentimes aggression and poor decision-making are the result of poor impulse control. The Lineage instructors are very knowledgeable about our population and do an excellent job engaging the youth. Exposing kids and staff in our system helps create a safer environment and, hopefully, long lasting changes in the young people's ability to control their futures."
 — Sandra Bryce, former Director, Ella McQueen Reception Center (state-run intake center)
“When I was upstate in detention, I didn’t have no patience. I just wanted to be out. But then when I was out, it was like I was still locked up, my mind was still locked up.”
 — Youth participant, Horizon (secure detention center)