Our Mission

Lineage Project teaches mindfulness practices to young people navigating incarceration, homelessness, school suspension, and academic challenges. We also train organizations in the development of mindful and trauma-conscious cultures and practices.  

our impact

Our programs for young people teach resilience-building tools to manage stress and increase well-being. Our professional development work with youth-serving organizations helps support staff sustainability, improve climate and build community.

Exposure to the portable mindfulness techniques presented in our classes yield many benefits: 1) enhanced coping skills for managing and rebounding from stressors; 2) increased emotional resilience; 3) heightened self-awareness through attention to body, breathing, and thoughts; 4) increased self-regulation skills and impulse control; 5) increased concentration skills; and 6) community building, mutuality, and interconnection. 

Published research shows that our work helps young people manage their anger, reduce reactivity, cope with high levels of stress and anxiety, and may reduce justice re-involvement. 

“Lineage classes help students become better decision-makers, act less on impulse, and think things through so they are better equipped to handle all the stress and external stimuli of the day. It provides the perspective of metacognition, the ability to get inside their own heads, notice sensations in their bodies, understand how stress affects them, and learn to think about their thinking.” 

--Assistant Principal at a long-term suspension site

our history

Founded in New York City in 1999 by Soren Gordhamer, Lineage Project’s first programs were for adolescents on Rikers Island and in the custody of the former NYC Department of Juvenile Justice. We now provide programs in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, and the Bronx, serving youth who are justice-involved, homeless, suspended from school, and in high-need public schools.



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