Lineage Project delivers programs throughout the NYC school system, including high-need public schools, and District 88 sites for suspended students. We strive to reverse the school-to-prison pipeline by offering alternative models of behavior and consciousness for students, teachers, and staff, which work to reduce suspension and dropout rates, and course failures. Our classes are offered as for-credit school courses and in after-school programs. 

Research on our work in a high-needs high school shows students developed increased self-awareness, self-knowledge, and a more compassionate response to themselves and others. 

“Ever since I’ve done yoga, my grades went up because I know how to sit in class and just take it all in.” — Student, Humanities Prep High School
“My students are often visibly stressed out at school and are very easily frustrated. They have a hard time sitting in class and concentrating on work. However, I notice that when given the time to practice yoga, they become much calmer and more able to focus for longer durations of time. They are able to feel, for a while, as the free children many of them never got to be.” 
— Giancinta Frisillo, Site Supervisor, DOE District 88 Alternative Learning Center for students in suspension