Lineage Project delivers programs throughout the NYC school system, including high-needs public schools, and sites for suspended students. We strive to reverse the school-to-prison pipeline, reducing suspension and dropout rates, and course failures, by offering alternative models of behavior and consciousness for students, teachers, and staff. Our classes are offered as for-credit school courses, and in after-school programs. 

Research on our work in a high-needs high school shows students developed increased self-awareness, self-knowledge, and a more compassionate response to themselves and others. 

“Ever since I’ve done yoga my grades went up because I know how to sit in class and just take it all in.” — Student, Humanities Prep High School
“This class helps me look deeper inside myself especially when I meditate. I feel more relaxed and like I can get through the day in a different way.” — Student, Humanities Prep High School
“My students are often visibly stressed out at school and are very easily frustrated. They have a hard time sitting in class and concentrating on work. However, I notice that when given the time to practice yoga, they become much calmer and more able to focus for longer durations of time. They are able to feel, for a while, as the free children many of them never got to be.”  — Giancinta Frisillo, Site Supervisor, DOE District 88 Alternative Learning Center for students in suspension
“As a transfer school for previously disengaged students who are now over age and under credited for high school, the social and emotional support this program provides is so important and I believe is one of the main contributing factors to the success of our students and our school.”  — Principal Paul Rotondo, Cascades High School